Digital to analog converter with S/PDIF input back to projects

Key features:
S/PDIF (AES-EBU) input at 32, 44.1, 48, 88, and 96 kHz sampling rate at 16, 20 and 24 Bits sampling depth. Analog line level output

Essentially this is a prototype, hence the less tidy look of the insides. The design is however fully operational and performing good (At least noticeable better than the onboard soundcard of my computer).

Use is made of a DIR 1701 S/PDIF receiver and a PCM1793 DA converter with output filters consisting of an operational amplifier (OP27) and passive elements (capacitors and resistors). The S/PDIF input is coupled by means of a small transformer to prevent a galvanic coupling of stereo set and computer. I find this a very useful recommendation, maybe even a necessity when using S/PDIF.
A plexiglass housing is made to put the electronics in.

photo; front side view.

Photograph; the inside of the converter

New device! smaller and smarter!