Matlab interface for the Picoscope digital oscilloscope back to projects

For the Picoscope oscilloscopes the drivers are downloadable from the website . They do support Linux, Micrsoft excel and some more software packages.

Matlab was not found in the list and this is just the environment where I would like to use the Picoscope device.

There is a solution:

Place the files PicoMatlab.m , PS2000.dll and  ps2000.h (last two files are from the development kit which is available from the website of picotech) in one directory and run the Matlab program ‘PicoMatlab.m’ from that directory.

The result will be the initialization of the analyzer and the following screen:

Setting the range of a (connected) oscilloscope type Picoscope 2205 to the lowest range and pressing ‘start’ will result in a similar image as seen above. The time base can be adjusted also. Numbers shown represent the actual data sent and clarification of these numbers can be found in the included file ‘PS2100.en.pdf’, which is also found on the webste of picotech.

The limits of the ranges are in this program set for the Picoscope 2205, other types may require an adjustment of the available range.

The button ‘LED’ flashes the led on the analyzer three times.

Pressing ‘Exit’ will exit the program, as well as depressing the ‘exit cross’ in the figure.