Wednesday, 4 of August of 2021

Very nice LED lamp

A nice device! After a lot of searching to a good desk lamp and not finding what I wanted I decided to build one myself. ¬†This lamp is made from aluminum piping with 12 Luxeon Rebel white LEDs and 4 Luxeon Rebel red ones in it. The red LES’s are used to compensate for the otherwise somewhat pale color.

Routing bank code

Each LED can operate up to 1 Watt and gives then typically 145 Lumen light output, which is top of the bill nowadays (November 2010).

Update (June¬†2011): After using it for almost six months now I find this device incredibly good. Never had any problems, it offers a great working light and when dimmed it is a good background ‘filler’. And it is beautiful!

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