Thursday, 17 of June of 2021

amplifier sound?

Do amplifiers have an audible effect on sound reproduction?

After again experimenting with my audio setup I tried to find out whether my quad 303 sounded better than a regular integrated amlifier I did not found a remarkable difference. Only some tiny possible differences, but I am not even completely sure about that.

The amplifiers were switched during music play, so there is no time delay effect. The same input source is used for both amplifiers and the same loudspeakers.

Routing bank code

For the two completely different amplifiers a difference in sound was expected but only a slight possible difference was noticed. I have tried this test as well with a Rotel 2040 and a sinmple hiome made amplifier, similar results.

That brought me to the question how different could amplifiers be in audio reproduction at all?
there is even a challenge questioning that:
you will be rewarded 10000 dollar if you can distinguish two amplifiers in a blind test.
And nobody has succeeded yet (after more than 1000 candidates).

For me: I think that amplifiers do not or maybe up to a very small amount (almost or simply inaudible) have an effect on sound reproduction.