Thursday, 17 of June of 2021

CANON eos 350 CF card connector repair

Got a nice EOS 350 camera from marketplace with a broken CF connector. After fixing this thing it worked like a charm again.

First of all get the thing open (remove screws carefully)

all screws removed and the body is opened.
carefully remove all connectors and de-solder the shown part and remove that board as well.

Get the CF slot top off and get to the pins.

I got a new pin from an PCMCIA interface slot. and pushed the old one out

Here is a close up photo of the pin almost removed. Stick the new one in and solder it back to the pcb.

And there we go! as good as new. Now screw in everything in reverse order and you are ready to go. remember to connect all connectors the right way. A warning:  this will take an experienced technician at least one hour, so be patient as always and take your time. This is most probably not for a novice in soldering and you need a good soldering iron and a microscope to work with for a successful fix.