An analog to S/PDIF converter back to projects

The reason for building this project is that the digital amplifier, shown elsewhere on this site, has no analog input. To make it possible to connect analog signals to this amplifier the analog to S/PDIF converter is made.

Here, use is made of an DIT4096 AES/EBU (or consumer S/PDIF). This is a very convenient chip which makes it possible to convert digital audio data streams to an S/PDIF signal. Furthermore an Analog to digital converter is necessary to convert the analog signals to a digital datasteam for the DIR4096 transceiver. A PCM1804 chip is used for this task. Below a photo of the prototype, the oscillator and power regulator are still a bit 'unplaced'.

The schematics of the device, actually extremely simple.

Things got a little out of hand. With a proper power supply unit and an analog front-end (single ended to differential) the circuit got a little more complex. A prefab-PCB is used for simplicity and future improvement options.

All in a housing (from an old 2.5" HD drive)