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An orthogonal laserpointing device made in 2 hours



Audio Switchbox

This audio switchbox is a device I have made a couple of years ago. it can switch four audiochannels, can process mono-audio to pseudo-stereo and stereo to spatial surround using two channels. It also contains a Dolby-surround decoder whitch is switchable between Dolby-matrix, and regular surround. Also non processing can be selected, this means that the rear channels are used as regular speakers and get the same signal as the front speakers.

For this functions the backside must have some connectors.The size of the housing is 40cm wide and 5 cm high.Maybe I change the inside of the system a little because it still looks a little messy inside.



This Power supply is one of my first big projects.I made it when I was 15 or 16 years old. The ousing is made of wood and the electronics are very heavy. the regulated supply system can deliver 0-40 VDC with a current of maximum 20 Amps. there are also connections for -12,-5,5,12 Volt outputs and some unregulated very heavy current outputs, although the connectors can't handle the maximum allowable current for a long time I think. Total power is maximally 800 Watts.
This unit may look a little unprofessional but works very good. I've use it now for a very long time without any problems and it is a very comfortable and reliable power supply.


This is one of my cool tools, It is a portable torch with an 50 Watt halogenbulb and a fluorescent tube. It can also be used as portable power supply.
In the dark, the big Maglite-torches seem to be toys compared to this one. (And the owners immediately ask me where to buy such a lamp)
The light is switched by a power MOSFET. This takes care that there is as less as possible loss, and is less sensitive for corrosion.

The torch is almost watertight.


This torch is the next generation of the of the big one. it is smaller and has a less powerful lamp but this one can deliver up to two hours of light and is much less vulnerable. It is also completely watertight. The lamp is turned on with a magnetic field.


This thing is called 'bearpaw' because it looks a little like a paw. It are a couple of switches build in my desk. When a light is touched the color of it changes and something is switched on or off.


This is a 'walkamp' it is especially adapted to this walkman, It can be used to amplify the signal for speakers. the output power is enough for listening music on the beach for example. Made it when i was 18 I think.


This is Dreumes.

Dreumes is our tablecomputer, made of an old laptop computer. It has an 386-processor, really slow, but one advantage is that the old dos-based games run perfect on it just because it is slow. It is build in a table with a plexiglass protection-screen. It has also the possibility to control some external devices by using the LPT port as I/O.