Bus system for home control back to projects

The system is used in my former house and not operational now, but it can display and control devices all over the house. It could do the following:

-Solar boiler temperature indication.

-Control panel for the ventilation system, four different positions could be chosen, off, 1,2 and 3.

-Electrical power usage indication (indicates the amount of electricity in watts used in the complete house). The amount of electricity is onitored by counting the time between two consecuent flashes af a LED on the power meter. The LED flashes with every Wh used, with that knowledge the power consumption is calculated.

-Gas usage (in liter per hour), a reflectance sensor is used to monitor how many time is between one cycle of the 'litres' dial. An average and an immediate value is displayed on screen

-External switches (for audio system or lighting, and central heating control)

-System clock, to perform timed operations (switching the ventilation system off after time).

Photo of the main controller screen

Photo; The controller as used, next to the thermostat.