Inkjet Cartridge taken apart back to projects

Taking an OfficeJet printer (Hewlett Packard) cartridge apart. The cartridge was not functioning properly after refilling, ink keeped spilling out. The cartridge has a spring to keep a small underpressure inside the reservoir to prevent ink running out of the cartridge. This problem can be solved by squeezing the cartridge firmly and closing the refill-opening with an airtight seal such as glue or better a small ball after refilling. There is a small ball visible in a commercially available cartridge.

taking the upper and lower plates away

inside visible with spring construction

just before the print head there is a stainless steel filter

another view of the printhead, filter and the connection foil stripped away from the housing

the foil stripped from the printheads, the foil has small openings for letting the ink drops though

a better view at the actual print-head

Enlarged view of the print head, clearly this head is damaged at the ink outlets, the connection points can be seen at the right side and left side as an array of small copper lines. they seem to be a the bottom side and top side as well, however these are not connected.