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The shown powersupply is one of the first big projects I did. There were some analog panel meters and nice knobs on it. It had a stabilized output of -12, -5, 5 12 Volts, an unstabilized output of -16 and +16 Volts, but able to push 15 Amp. Finally it had a stabilized output of 0 to 25 Volts DC, and current regulation to 20 amps. The enormous transformer could handle this easily. The project is from about 1992.
After the need for some more outputs and the fact that the wooden enclosure started to fall apart from the frequent use, the design is put into a new housing. Additionally two stabilized outputs are added, one negative and one positive. Since 20 amps was more than enough for normal use this was not altered.
The unit is used for almost four jears ('reborn' in 2004), and then I found it simply too bulky in this shape. Also the usint was never completed fully, but remained 'almost' finished. Still it was functional.

Lately (2009)the unit is reformed again to a nice small unit, still powerful enough for most situations. The massive transformer from the old design is abandoned, this saves a lot of space and weigth. The nice 70's look is due to the housing from an old lux-meter unit. This unit has a stabilizerd output from 0 to 20 volts, at around max. 10 amps. A negative output will be added, but without current regulation. The built in fan is silent and kicks in when too hot.