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DAC with S/PDIF input

Fully digital audio amplifier

Fancy analog audio amplifier

Phono input as line input

USB audio codec with S/PDIF output

Analog to S/PDIF converter


Other projects

A lot of small projects

Home automation system

Luxeon step down converter

Counting slave flash unit


Solar pump

Full color LED lamp

Custom computer case

Senseo coffee machine leak fix

An old page from D's pages (with some old projects)


Fixes and information

Using a Picoscope in Matlab

Low power refridgerator

Repair of a canon EFs 17-85 IS lens

Repair of a canon EF 24-105 lens

Canon S400 repair

Taking apart an HP officejet ink cartridge

Cleaning the sensor of an DSLR camera

Making Printed Circuit Boards