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An Asus CUSL2-M motherboard was used with a 800 MHz processor and 256+128MB ram together with a hard drive of 30 gB( this was a silent, low rattle noise and 7200 RPM disk).
The disk is mounted in two silicone tubes to minimize vibration-noise. the whole housing is made from MDF wood. everything is rounded and fit exactly with a manual router machine.

The hard drive mounted in the housing, watch the aluminum piece on the lower wall. There is room for the motherboard on the bottom, with notches to mount the motherboard

The board mounted in the housing.

the powersupply can be fit, and all connections are made.

The whole case closed, the three rounds that can be seen are plexiglass lightpipes to guide the licht from the power-led and the IDE led. The third is the power switch.

Another view.

The computer is installed with Ubuntu Linux and worked perfectly, the processor temperature did not exceed 60 degrees centigrade, so there are no cooling problems expected. the power fan is the inlet of fresh air, and below the supply there is a hole left open to enable the air to escape again.