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A solar powered pump for in a pond is made from plexiglass materials.
It is a very short project, but I hope that due to the moving water there will be fewer flies.

The parts of the solar pump after fabrication. Everything is made out of plexiglass. At the top the pump housing can be seen, the holes are the water outlets. On the right the impeller, which is the actual pumping element, below that a cylindrical water outlet is made, to improve the efficiency of the pump.

Here the assembly of the parts is seen. On the base the motor housing, on top of that the pump house is mounted, in the part with the holes the impeller is seated, and above that a ring is placed to make the pump chamber complete. On the next photo the cylindrical water outlet is mounted around the pump house.

This cylindrical shaped part collects the water that flows aout of the holes seen in the previous picture and a water tube is connected to this part.

Operation as a pump. the pump is fully functional, it does not generate high pressure, but a high flowrate, which was the original purpose of this design.

To make a solar pump the unit is connected to a couple of solar cells. In this case a voltage of around ten to fifteen volts would provide a good pumping speed. A step up converter is used to transform the output voltage of the shown solar cells from 3...4.5 Volts to 14 Volts. Below the schematic is shown (partly taken from the datasheet of the LM2578 completed with a FET driver, and some additional functions.)